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Enjoy cruising with the electric go-kart from BERG

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Enjoy cruising with the electric go-kart from BERG

How cool is it to be able to cover long distances on your go-kart with little effort? With the larger go-karts, it takes a bit more energy to pull up quickly, which in itself is not a bad thing. Should you want support with this, that is certainly possible. Indeed, in addition to traditional go-karts, BERG also offers awesome electric go-karts. These go-karts differ from traditional go-karts because the electric go-kart uses pedal assistance, so it takes almost no effort to accelerate smoothly and ride the go-kart nice and fast. The pedal assistance option is only available on our XXL go-karts. This electric toy uses an intelligent system, which provides the electric drive for the go-kart. In addition, the frame is also extra sturdy that contributes to safety.

The electric go-kart for kids and adults

This electric go kart from BERG uses an intelligent system, which practically means that more support is given the harder you pedal. That way, it takes little effort and strength to pull up and ride the go-kart nice and fast, all thanks to the pedal assist. Want to ride on grass or unpaved terrain? This go-kart can handle that too! The electric go-kart is also more suitable for adults or larger children due to the extra-large XXL frame that is 10 cm longer than the standard XL frame.

Want to opt for easy riding or sporty support?

Four different modes are available, namely ECO, TOUR, SPORT and TURBO. You can choose quiet pedal assistance which has the advantage that the go-kart's battery won't run down as quickly and you can enjoy it for longer. Should you like more challenge and excitement, you can also opt for a sportier pedal assistance which allows you to reach speeds of up to 16 kilometres per hour! This allows you to drive much faster, but be aware that the battery will drain a bit faster. Whether you want to ride hard or soft, the choice is yours!

Berg electric go kart

Specifications of the BERG electric go-kart

BERG's electric go-karts have it all, if you're still not completely convinced, take a look at all the specifications the electric go-karts have.

  • The harder you pedal, the more support the mid-motor with torque sensor will provide
  • The motor provides 250W
  • 24V Removable battery good for at least 2 hours of carefree driving
  • Four levels of pedal assistance: ECO, TOUR, SPORT and TURBO
  • Equipped with LCD display including speedometer, rangefinder and battery capacity
  • The frame is reinforced, making it extra strong
  • Equipped with coaster brake, handbrake and parking brake
  • Thanks to the 8 different seat positions, the go-kart grows with you
  • The pneumatic tires provide extra comfort
  • The four wheels and swing axle ensure that the go-kart is stable and safe on the ground
  • Electric go-kart for children and adults thanks to the XXL frame that is 10 cm longer than the regular frame
  • It can't get crazy enough! You can even charge your phone via the USB port below the display so you are always accessible
  • Complies with CE directives for toys
Berg electric go karts
BERG Go-Kart banner

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