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Choose for safety and stability

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Choose for safety and stability, with the 3 wheel scooter from BERG!

A three-wheel scooter is available in many different sizes and colours, but, as the name implies, they are all based on three wheels. The difference is in the steering method and the placement of the three wheels. Some three-wheel scooters have two smaller wheels at the back and a larger one at the front, which is actually not very useful. These scooters are steered like a bike, making them less stable. In fact, the handlebars can even over-rotate. That's the last thing you want. These scooters often have no brakes, either. The BERG scooter with three wheels takes all this into account. With two wheels placed at the front and one at the back of the scooter, the steering method is different. You can steer by shifting your weight to the left and right. The unique steering system causes the front wheels to turn in the direction you lean. As a result, the 3 wheel scooter for kids is exceptionally stable and gives you optimal control at all times. If you are going to fast, no problem! There is a brake fitted to the rear wheel so you can stop quickly if necessary.

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What are the advantages of a scooter with three wheels compared to a scooter with two wheels?

A 3 wheel scooter provides a remarkably stable base for getting used to scooters for the first time, from the age of two. The three wheels provide plenty of stability, in contrast to a scooter with only two wheels. In addition to the extra stability, you enjoy greater safety when steering with a 3 wheel scooter, which is done by leaning. There's no chance of the handlebar over-rotating or the front wheel slipping as you frequently see with a scooter with two wheels. The handlebars are often height-adjustable, so you can enjoy the product for years to come. It grows with you! Another advantage is that they are compact to carry. This is because the handlebars are foldable. So if you want your child to be safer and more stable on a scooter, choose a BERG 3 wheeled scooter!

Foldable 3 wheel scooter

A scooter with wide wheels

The BERG scooter is a scooter with wide wheels. The two wide wheels at the front of the scooter ensure that the scooter rolls more easily on the road. The wheels also help to absorb any irregularities in the road surface, enabling the child to remain more stable on the scooter. A scooter with wide wheels thus provides extra stability and comfort. At BERG, you can also choose a scooter with LED lights in the wheels — a real eye-catcher.

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