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Go Twirl Turquoise 2

Why a BERG ride on car?

Everything about ride on cars

Why a BERG ride on car?

Ride on cars are not only fun to ride, but also support your child's development in multiple ways. Thus, it improves motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination, balance and equilibrium. BERG does not offer wooden ride on cars, but those made of hard plastic, which makes it a lot lighter and ensures quality. This fun toy from 1 year of age is unique in design and also offers many extras. All BERG ride on cars are ergonomically designed, so you have optimum freedom of movement when moving forward. The narrow back combined with the wide front ensures you can push off well without being hindered. Also, the four wheels make for a stable and safe ride on car, where falling over is practically impossible. The saddle is variable, allowing you to sit further and further back as you get older, without having to adjust the saddle each time. So the ride on car is suitable for ages of 1 year, 2 years and 3 years (depending on height).

With or without pedals

BERG ride on cars come in various designs, both with and without pedals. There's the BERG GO², available in all kinds of different colours and equipped with folding and unfolding pedals. This feature allows you to use the BERG GO² as both a ride on and pedal car, so 2-in-1! Especially in the beginning, pedalling is tricky and you can practise with balance and steering by folding the pedals. So you use the BERG GO² like a real ride on car, without the pedals getting in the way. When you are more practiced and want to learn to pedal for the first time, you can easily unfold the pedals. This transforms the ride on car into a pedal car. Want a ride on car without pedals but with integrated play? Then choose the GO Twirl.

Extension ride on car pedal kart


The BERG GO Twirl is a real ride on car with a little something extra. Inside the casing of this ride on car is a turntable on both sides with coloured balls that are irresistible to any toddler. So they have fun playing with the GO even when not on the saddle.

Ride on car integrated game

Unique colors

BERG's ride on cars are available in many different cheerful colors. So we have a fun colour ride on car for boys and girls. From the standard colors of pink, blue and mint to the retro colors (retro green and retro pink) and the Sparx Red and many more. So there is always a color that your child will like!

Color range go ride on car

Proud winner of several awards

After exciting judging, the BERG GO² has won awards at the Red Dot Design Awards, IF Awards and German Design Awards! There were a host of entries from different countries with the BERG GO² winning in the "Excellent Product Design: Baby and Child care" category.

The German Design Award winners were chosen based on how unique the appearance of the product is. It is also important that the BERG GO² fits well within the modern trends of both German and international audiences. Of course, this is one of the elements that was given extra attention during design. Thanks to the high quality and innovative design of the BERG GO², we were proud to receive the German Design Award!

Advantages of the BERG ride on car

  • Contributes to the development of your child.
  • Learn to walk and pedal with the BERG GO². 2 in 1!
  • Extra stability thanks to the wide front and 4 wheels.
  • Award-winning designs, a real eye-catcher.
  • Grows with your child, without having to adjust the saddle (stepless).
  • Pedal smoothly and lightly due to ball bearings in pedal and rear axle. At the front and back.
  • Expandable with all kinds of accessories for your ride on car, such as push bar, safety flag and carry strap.

So do you want to buy a ride on car and haven't quite decided yet? Then choose a BERG ride on car with game or pedals in your favourite colour. The choice is yours!

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BERG GO2 Ride-on car

Ride on car with pedals?

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