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The best mix of balance bikes and go-karts for little ones can be found in our balance bikes. A child who is not yet big enough for go-karting can indulge in our GO Twirl and GO2 models. Not only do these walkers provide a safe foundation for developing motor skills, they also offer endless playtime fun. From integrated games to fold-out pedals, the possibilities are endless. Which GO will you choose?

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Stable and safe driving
Four large wheels give the GO stability. It ensures that you can safely get on, drive and get off your BERG walking car without falling over.

Ergonomic design
If you're not that coordinated yet, it's nice that everything about your walking car is streamlined. The GO has an ergonomic design that is completely tailored to the motor skills of a toddler.

Whisper silent tyres
You can drive around on the GO all day long without anyone hearing you. You would only have to be as quiet as the whisper-silent tyres.

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