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BERG Ultim Elite

Practice your freestyle jumps on this ultimate challenge


For those who feel like safety and a superior quality matters


Smart design for a safe and longer jump experience, suitable for every garden


Practice your favourite jump safely!


Discover your talent and start off with a real BERG Trampoline!


More energy, strength and vitality to remain fit and healthy

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BERG Configurator

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Safety and quality for more outdoor fun

As a parent, you want your children to have fun and to enjoy playing outside. You don’t want to have to worry about the welfare of your child. BERG has a safe and good quality trampoline that suits your garden. We have designed safe trampolines on which children can discover their talents without a care in the world and which allows parents to feel at ease while their children practise their jumps.

What is the difference between the trampolines?

Many different trampolines are available, varying in height, diameter, colour, quality and price. What is the difference between the trampolines? At first glance, BERG Trampolines look very similar, but there really is a difference. First of all, there are four different quality lines, namely: the Talent line, the Favorit line, the Champion lineand the Elite line. The difference is mainly in the jumping comfort and the quality. This is due to the construction (parts) of the trampoline, e.g. the jumping mat, the safety net (if any), the protective edge, the springs and the frame. Summarising, you can say that a higher-quality line is equal to more jumping pleasure and quality.

Try out our new configurator!

Because we offer trampolines in different shapes and sizes, there is always a suitable trampoline for every garden. But with so many different types of trampolines, making a choice can sometimes be quite difficult. If you are wondering which trampoline suits you best, our new trampoline configurator may be of help to you! It will make it easier for you to configure a trampoline according to your requirements and then see what it looks like. The configurator can be found here.