BERG SportsGoal

BERG SportsGoal
BERG SportsGoal

BERG's SportsGoal is the goal for at home
Its contemporary appearance makes the SportsGoal look good in any garden. The strong, robust frame ensures that the net is always properly tensioned. Thanks to its fine-meshed net, the goal is also extremely suitable for a variety of ball games. So, it is not just a football goal, but could also be used as a handball goal or a hockey goal.


  • • Modern design.
  • • Sturdy steel frame.
  • • Suitable for a variety of sports such as football, hockey and handball.
  • • Available in 3 sizes: S (120x180), M (160x240) and L (200x300).
  • • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • • Solid anchoring, which does not need to be removed when, for example, mowing the grass.
  • • Includes handy score counter and four free cones.

Suitable for various ball games

Do you prefer playing football, hockey or handball? Whatever ball sport you play, you need a sturdy goal. The steel black frame can be assembled in no time after which you simply attach the net. The frame's tubes are robust and can withstand a knock. This is thanks to the sturdy steel, which is finished with various protective coatings.

To go all out, just screw the football goal into the ground with the spiral anchors provided. By simply detaching the goal, you can quite easily move it to mow the grass, for example. The anchor can be left in the ground when mowing the grass, you can simply mow over it (even with a robotic mower).

Modern and sleek design
The rounded top corners of the football goal ensure a tightly tensioned roof. This allows you to shoot the ball hard into the crossbar. The BERG SportsGoal is in fact inspired by a professional modern football goal. Its contemporary appearance makes the SportsGoal look good in any garden.

By the way, did you know that the SportsGoal won a Red Dot Design Award for its unique design? This is one of the most prestigious design awards.

You will always find a size that fits your garden, as the goal comes in 3 different measurements.

If you opt for size S, your goal will be 120x180 cm, for size M it will be 160x240 cm and for L it will be 200x300 cm

Note: these are the internal dimensions of the goal.


The BERG SportsGoal comes as standard with 4 cones, making it easy to set out a pitch or training exercise. The goal also comes with a handy score counter.

To complete your kit, training nets (target nets) are also available for all three sizes. The target net is easily and quickly attached with Velcro.

What's more, you'll hit the target with a great BERG football. This ball is seamless and has a soft outer layer. The ball size is size 5.


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