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Berg playbase playset 3

The BERG PlayBase.

Everything about the PlayBase

The BERG PlayBase. The versatile playset with many accessories

BERG PlayBase is a playset for the (also smaller) garden, which can also be converted into sports equipment and lounge equipment. You can hang a swing or nest swing in it, but you can also turn it into a climbing apparatus, a home gym, relax in it or grow plants against it, for example. The ideal garden playset that can already be used for toddlers and older children up to adults!

The PlayBase is a whole new concept of outdoor play. Design your own playground, fitness space, or lounge set, or throw them all into the mix together. The extensive range makes it easy to combine play, exercise and lounging accessories to create your own personal PlayBase!

Playing, sports and lounging

Thanks to the wide range of accessories, you can't think of anything or it's possible. You can easily use the PlayBase as a playset with swing, but that's not it. You can do much more with it, so thanks to its many accessories, you can also use the PlayBase playset for lounging in your garden or for fitness and sports, for example! Currently, we distinguish the PlayBase into 3 themes:


Climb as high as Mount Everest or swing up to the stars. It's hard to come up with such a crazy idea. All combinations have been developed to endlessly challenge children. You can choose from Baby seat, Wooden swing seat, Rubber swing seat, Wooden swing, Nest swing (also called nest swing), Wooden gym rings, Wooden trapeze, Climbing wall, Climbing net, Soccer target net L and Basketball Hoop.

Berg playbase play


Create your personal gym for your individual workout or even for a workout with the whole family. Whether you opt for cardio or strength training, with the PlayBase sports accessories you have all combinations at your disposal. You can choose from the Wooden trapeze, Punching bag, Wooden gym rings, Monkey bar, Fitness rope, Resistance bands, Pull-up bar and Dip bar.

Berg playbase sport


Enjoy your free time to the fullest with the PlayBase Lounge. For children we have a nest swing to relax in. Or enjoy a good story together on the hammock and then close your eyes, rock back and forth and soak up the sun.

Berg playbase lounge

Why choose the BERG outdoor playset?

There are an awful lot of different types of outdoor play equipment available on the market. What makes BERG's PlayBase unique is its minimalist frame that is largely buried in the ground. In addition, the high quality ensures that you can enjoy the PlayBase for a very long time. Suppose you have the PlayBase and find that after a while it is not being played with as much, you can transform the playground with accessories back into a sports or lounge playground, for example!

High quality

The strong and robust frame features a patented tubular connection. The BERG PlayBase frame is fixed firmly in the ground and so, forms a solid basis for the many accessories.

Minimalist design

The beautiful minimalist design of the BERG PlayBase is characterised by its clean geometric design, black powder-coated steel and natural wood and rope accents in the accessories. If you choose the medium frame, you will have a playset that is nicely compact with lots of possibilities.

Long-lasting (playing) enjoyment

BERG PlayBase's unique combinations are adaptable for every age and interest. Besides the wide choice of accessories, there is the choice of a ladder or horizontal bar for each side.

Berg playbase product

Check out the BERG PlayBase

For years of fun!

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