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BERG 2 seater pedal go kart

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Purchase of a 2 seater (passenger seat)

At BERG, you can choose from all kinds of go-karts from small to large. All those go-karts again use a certain frame. With all our larger go-karts from 5 years with an XL frame, you have the option of purchasing an additional passenger seat. This is an extra duo seat, which you can place behind the driver's seat. The duo seat is available in many different fun colours to match your go-kart! So you can go out and have fun together with your friend. The duo seat is for sale in our accessories section.

View BERG duo seat
Berg 2 seater passenger seat

Fun for two!

If you already want 2 fixed spots on your go-kart as standard, this is also possible. The BERG range also includes go-karts for 2 people. With the Duo Chopper, there is already room for 2 people as standard. You then sit next to each other. There is also the option to detach the passenger seat so that you can stand (instead of sitting) on the platform, also a lot of fun!

View BERG Duo Chopper
Berg duo chopper

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