A trampoline that is dug into the ground, better known as an InGround or FlatGround trampoline, looks great in any garden. Because the trampoline is so low or even level with the ground, it is less noticeable. This makes stepping onto the trampoline a lot easier and therefore safer than a trampoline that stands on legs.

Briefly, the differences between the two types of trampolines: with an InGround trampoline, the frame protrudes slightly above the ground. A FlatGround (level with the ground) trampoline, on the other hand, is completely embedded in the ground. This makes it extra easy and safe to step onto the trampoline because this trampoline is level with the ground, so actually a win-win situation! At BERG there is an InGround version available in every product line. If you choose a FlatGround trampoline, you can choose between a FlatGround Elite and a FlatGround Champion.

To be able to jump comfortably on an InGround or FlatGround trampoline, a hole must be dug under the trampoline. The hole gives the jumping surface the space to stretch and create a airflow which launches the jumper (also called flipper) with every jump. In the tutorials below you can see exactly how best to dig a hole for your trampoline and what you need. Good luck!


Step 1

trampoline ingraven stap 2

Decide where you want to locate the trampoline. Keep two meters away from other obstacles for a safe jumping experience.

Mark the location on the ground with the supplied tape measure. Keep to the measurements that are in the manual supplied with the trampoline.

Step 2

trampoline ingraven stap 2

Then use a shovel or a spade to scoop out the edges inside the circle. From that edge you can then scoop out the middle part. If you immediately throw the soil in a wheelbarrow for disposal, you keep the surrounding grass nice and clean.

Step 3

trampoline ingraven stap 3

Dig out the hole completely in a bowl shape and at the depth indicated in the manual. It takes some time, but remember that it won't be long before you can jump incredibly well. It is really worth it.

Step 4

trampoline ingraven stap 4

Wow, that looks sleek! Well done. Now you can place the trampoline over the hole.

Follow the last steps of the manual and you are ready to jump.

Step 5

trampoline ingraven stap 5

The trampoline is ready for use. Invite everyone in the neighborhood to your debut on your new BERG trampoline and make it a party. The sky is the limit!


InGround trampoline

Pit dimensions InGround trampoline

FlatGround trampoline

Pity dimensions FlatGround trampoline


Video instructions

InGround trampoline

Please note: a BERG InGround trampoline is not intended to be completely buried. The legs of the trampoline must rest on the grass so that the trampoline rises about 20 cm above ground level. The hole for a BERG InGround trampoline is therefore significantly smaller than the trampoline so that the legs have enough grass surface to rest on. The dimensions of the hole can be found in the manual.

When an InGround trampoline is fully dug in, there is insufficient airflow and there is a big chance that the edges of the hole crumble, which can lead to dangerous situations.

Do you want a trampoline that can be completely dug in? Then it is better to choose a FlatGround trampoline.


FlatGround trampoline


You can dig in a BERG InGround Trampoline yourself. You can follow the manual supplied with the trampoline for this. If you prefer not to do any digging yourself, you can ask a landscaping company to do the digging with a small excavator. Some of our dealers also offer the option of placing the trampoline in your garden. You can always check with the dealer where you buy the product whether they also offer this service.
The BERG InGround trampolines are specially designed to be dug in. It has been taken into account that the air can easily escape during jumping, but also that the trampoline stands firmly on the ground thanks to its short legs. In addition, the legs are zinc-treated so that they can withstand any weather condition for a long time.
If there is no excessive rainfall, the water will simply run off slowly into the ground and you will not be affective. If the type of soil makes it difficult to drain water and too much water frequently remains, it is wise to provide additional drainage, for example by installing a pipe system. A knowledgeable gardener will have good solutions for this.

BERG has produced a video especially for you. Watch the video on this page to see step-by-step instructions on how you can dig in a FlatGround trampoline.

Watch the video

That is absolutely possible and saves you time and effort. A small excavator is often sufficient and will make almost any garden accessible. The removal of the soil is therefore often arranged. That way you kill two birds with one stone. There are a few BERG product dealers who also provide this service. It might be an idea to find a dealer in your area to find out.

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To prevent weeds from growing under your trampoline, a root cloth can be placed in the pit. This cloth allows the rainwater to pass through, but stops light and root growth. This greatly reduces the chance of weeds. Root cloths are available at hardware stores, garden centers or online. Root cloths are available in black and white. The black variant is the most suitable for controlling weeds. When purchasing, the heavier the fabric, the better it resists growth. After purchasing, you can cut the root cloth to size. If you place several cloths in one pit, it is wise to let them overlap at least ten centimeters. Once in place, the cloth can be fixed by placing some soil or stones on it.
The BERG InGround Trampoline is largely concealed in your garden. But the frame is placed above the ground. This ensures that you do not have to dig a very deep pit. This trampoline is available with or without a Safety Net. The BERG FlatGround Trampoline is completely integrated with your garden. This trampoline can be buried in such a way that it is completely concealed and you no longer see a frame. That makes jumping so safe that you don't need a Safety Net.


Due to the special design, the hole does not have to be dug deep under the trampoline. This saves digging!
The short legs of this trampoline are not buried and therefore rust less quickly. This extends the life of your trampoline!
The InGround trampolines are equipped with a frame net. This ensures that animals and toys cannot get under the trampoline. That is safety!
Because this trampoline is lower than the ground due to the lower legs, it is extra stable.
Thanks to the special design with a frame net, the displaced air can easily escape while jumping. This ensures that you jump even better!
Door het speciale ontwerp is de trampoline makkelijk te installeren. Daarnaast zit er ook een handige handleiding bij de trampoline.
Due to the special design, the trampoline is easy to install. In addition, the trampoline comes with a handy manual.