Would you like a trampoline in your garden without it being too conspicuous? A BERG InGround trampoline is the solution! This is a trampoline that you sink into the ground. It is nicely concealed and extra safe because it is almost at ground level. This also makes it easier to step onto the trampoline.
BERG has selection of InGround trampolines in various price ranges and different qualities. 

The advantages of a BERG InGround trampoline:

-    Due to the unique design, it is not necessary to dig a deep hole. This means less digging!
-    The short legs on the InGround trampoline are not sunk into the ground and will therefore not easily rust. The service life of your trampoline is therefore much longer!
-    The BERG InGround trampoline has an integrated frame net. This is convenient because it allows the air to escape which is created by the jumping. It also prevents balls and other toys from rolling under the trampoline.

How do you install a BERG InGround trampoline in the ground?

Read the simple step-by-step plan below on how to install your BERG trampoline into the ground:


Step 1

Mark the location on the ground with the tape measure provided with the trampoline. You can then draw the exact circle where your trampoline will be installed in the garden. Make sure that you do not place the trampoline too close to a hedge or fence and not under overhanging trees or plants. Your BERG trampoline will then be in the safest possible place.



Step 2: 
Dig the hole for your trampoline. The lowest point of the hole is 75 cm. This is the centre point of your trampoline.




Dimensions of the hole for the BERG InGround trampoline:

Diameter Trampoline Diameter holeDepth (hole) 
430 cm390 cmmin. 75 cm
380 cm340 cmmin. 75 cm
330 cm290 cmmin. 75 cm
270 cm230 cmmin. 75 cm

The following dimensions apply for the InGround Eazyfit (rectangular trampoline):

Diameter TrampolineDiameter holeDepth (hole)
220x330 cm170x280 cmmin. 75cm



Step 3: 
Dig out the hole entirely in the shape of a bowl. See the drawing for an example. As you can see, the edges of the hole do not need to be as deep as the centre point.




Step 4: 
Place your BERG trampoline over the hole and it is ready for use! The BERG InGround trampoline has short legs that do not require to be sunk in the ground. The frame net is secured to the ground with a special anchor set (provided) to make the trampoline even safer. This way, nothing can fall under the trampoline and the air which is released during jumping can escape. 

Inground trampoline hole dimensions

InGround teampoline kuil afmetingen

FlatGround trampoline hole dimensions

FlatGround teampoline kuil afmetingen


Frequently asked questions

Before you can enjoy bouncing on one of our InGround or FlatGround trampolines a hole has to be dug in the garden. Weeds often grow fast in holes underneath trampolines and they will prevent you from making nice jumps.

To prevent weeds from growing underneath the trampoline, weed control (or anti-root) fabric can be placed in the hole. This fabric allows rainwater through but keeps the light out and therefore prevents roots from growing. This will considerably reduce the risk of weeds.

How does it work?
  • • Weed control fabric can be bought at DIY stores, garden centres or online. The fabric is available in black or white. The black version is the best choice for preventing weeds.
  • • When buying weed control fabric take the following into consideration: the heavier the fabric, the stronger it will be.
  • • After you have bought the fabric it can be cut to size. If you place more than one piece of fabric in the hole it is advisable to allow it to overlap by at least 10 centimetres.
  • • Once the fabric has been placed in the hole it can be fastened down by covering it with soil or stones.
If you would like to know more about sinking your trampoline in the ground then read on !