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What size trampoline do I need?

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What size trampoline do I need? Small or large?

We have something for everyone, depending on the shape and quality you want, we have trampolines in our range starting from 2 metres up to 5.2 metres. The most important thing is to check which size fits you. Larger trampolines offer more space and the most fun. While smaller trampolines naturally take up much less space, which in turn can benefit the rest of the garden.

When to choose a small trampoline?

Choosing a small trampoline can be a conscious choice. At BERG, we have round trampolines measuring as little as 200 cm in diameter and small rectangular trampolines from 200×200 cm that fit perfectly in a small garden. If you're looking for a trampoline for a small garden, we recommend the small rectangular trampoline measuring 200×200cm. Because gardens in the Netherlands are often rectangular, you can use the little space you have efficiently. Looking for a small trampoline for the little ones? Then check out our toddler trampoline.

  • A small trampoline is suitable for a small garden or when space is at a premium
  • Great trampoline to start with for smaller children
  • Small(er) models are cheaper than the larger ones
View our smallest 6.5 feet trampoline
Small trampoline with net

When to choose a large trampoline?

Not sure yet what size trampoline you want to buy? With a large trampoline, the fun aspect is guaranteed. Thanks to the larger jump mat and the perfect jump area (the part in the middle of the trampoline that is most comfortable to jump on), you'll have endless enjoyment jumping. In addition, a large trampoline also provides more space for jumping, so you can all have fun together. At BERG, we offer large trampolines in all shapes and sizes. From standing on legs to an Inground version (Inground and FlatGround). BERG has trampolines measuring from 2 metres up to 5 metres 20, and everything in between. If you're buying the trampoline for a smaller child, a large size is also great, as it will see them through. Want to buy a trampoline for (several) older children? Then you are definitely on the right track with a large trampoline!

  • More room to jump
  • More fun than with a small trampoline
  • Fun for everyone, big and small
View our largest trampoline
Large trampoline with net

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