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The first nonuple kaboom

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The G-tramp scene

G-Tramp stands for Garden Trampoline and involves the sport of Freestyle trampolining. Youth from all over the world show the most amazing tricks on their garden trampolines with no limitations in tricks and creativity.

Together with the Freestyle Trampoline Association and our BERG Masters of Bounce we strive to make the g-tramp sport, an officially recognized sport.

BERG MOB G tramp scene

Record attempt

In 2021 Ernest Brenchley and Louis hillier, part of the UK group Radial Flipz, pitched the idea of making a custom made trampoline to set the new world record of 9 consecutive flips together with BERG. After lots of meetings, brainstorms and testing, the BERG Pro9 was realized in August 2022.

BERG MOB record attempt

Custom made trampoline

In order to realize this custom made trampoline to enable Ernest Brenchley to set a new world record, we listened to all the feedback from many flippers in the scene. With all the gathered feedback we could develop a trampoline of 6 by 9 meters with the right AirFlow, jumpmat and trampoline springs.

BERG MOB custom made trampoline

Everyday inspired

Creating this customized trampoline together with Ernest, Louis and many other flippers was a very interesting process. We have learned a lot from all the feedback and we feel even more connected to this scene. The g-tramp scene inspires us every day, and gives us so much energy to develop the best trampolines and airtracks!

BERG MOB everyday inspired

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