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Play Base 6

Climbing frame

Get ready to play, sport and lounge

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Climbing frame (36)

The BERG PlayBase is the most complete concept for your garden for fitness, sports, play and relaxing. Choose from a medium or large model and decide from the configuration that suits you best. The unique black climbing frame and play frame puts the finishing touch on your garden and will last for many years.

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Premium quality
Enjoy endless possibilities with the BERG PlayBase. With the sturdy and robust frame and the patented tube connection system, this climbing frame and play frame is designed to last for many years. The tubes have a large 9 cm diameter for unprecedented rigidity. With this, we offer a warranty for up to 13 years for you to enjoy carefree workouts, play or lounging.

Stands strong without concrete
Your garden will get an upgrade with the BERG PlayBase. Concrete is not required for installation because the wide support provides a simple and extremely solid anchor for the frame in the ground. All you need to install this climbing frame and play frame is a level and a spade. That saves a lot of assembly time and extra expense. No unnecessary fuss, just a solid base that's easier on the environment.

Your PlayBase - your configuration
This climbing frame and play frame is a versatile platform for all kinds of uses. Choose from a wide range of accessories and create a place where you can work out, play, or relax. Convert your PlayBase in no time from a gym to a climbing frame, and it is easy to put up a hammock after your workout. There is something for everyone in the family!

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