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Maintenance tips for your BERG trampoline

Everything about trampolines

How Can I Best Clean My Trampoline?

After not using your trampoline for a long time, it can be useful to clean it, in short: remove all cobwebs and other dirt. For cleaning the trampoline, it is best to use a cloth with lukewarm water. Do not use solvents, dish soap, soap powder, or hot water.

To prevent leaves and twigs from getting on your trampoline, you can use a weather cover when you are not using the trampoline temporarily. If you do not use the trampoline for a longer period, it is advisable to clean and dry the protective edge (padding) thoroughly and then store it in a dry place.

What is the Best Way to Mow the Grass Around My In-ground Trampoline?

Always be careful when mowing the grass around the trampoline. We recommend removing the protective edge before you start mowing to avoid damage. While mowing, keep a sufficient distance from the trampoline and trim the grass around it carefully with grass shears.

For robot mowers, we recommend placing a boundary wire around the trampoline according to the specifications of the robot mower. Maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm between the wire and the trampoline, or more if recommended. Then carefully trim the remaining grass around the trampoline with grass shears. Any damage that occurs during mowing, in any way, is not covered by the BERG warranty. Therefore, always be careful and keep a sufficient distance from the trampoline.

BERG Flat Ground Maintenance tips

Years of Trampoline Fun: Inspect and Replace Parts in Time

BERG trampolines are made of high-quality material and designed to provide many years of enjoyment. Inspect the BERG trampoline before each use according to the assembly manual and replace defective, worn, or missing parts. Ignoring these instructions and neglecting maintenance can lead to dangerous situations and unnecessary risks for the user. To order original BERG trampoline parts, we gladly refer you to our trampoline parts page.

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