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What should I do with my trampoline in winter?

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What should I do with my trampoline in winter?

Towards the end of the year, winter arrives again, with its inherent traits. Cold, snow, rain and frost. During the winter period, it is therefore important to protect the trampoline from this cold. We always recommend storing your trampoline (indoors) as much as possible in winter. This is better than leaving the trampoline outside during this period. Dismantling the entire trampoline is not always convenient, so we recommend at least cleaning and drying the protective edge and storing this part inside. The safety net will also last much longer if you store it the same way. Make sure the trampoline is no longer used during that time though, safety first! But how do you get your trampoline ready for winter? We'll give you some tips!

Cleaning the trampoline before winter

The first step is to clean the trampoline. To start, sweep the main dirt off the trampoline with a dustpan and brush. Next, clean the trampoline with cold or lukewarm water and a cleaning cloth. Do not use cleaning products, this may damage the material! After this, dry the trampoline immediately to make sure no moisture remains. By cleaning the trampoline, you will ensure its longevity.

Extra protection with a cover

Besides cleaning the trampoline, it is good to protect it with a cover. This protects against leaves and debris, but not against rain and snow . The cover of the trampoline falls over the protective edge, springs and jump mat. This not only protects the jump mat, but also other parts. The BERG weather covers are available in different sizes and colours.

Please note that a cover is for temporary use only. Long-term use can cause unwanted mould. A few weeks with a protective cover is fine, but leaving the cover on the trampoline all winter is not recommended.

See BERG weather covers
Weather cover

Securing the trampoline with an anchor set

You may also want to secure your trampoline during severe weather conditions. This can be done by using an anchor set. It will provide more stability during a storm. Keep in mind that even an anchor set may not always withstand strong gusts of wind. It depends on where the trampoline is located. If it is in an open area, the jump mat will catch a lot of wind and the anchoring set might be pulled off completely. However, the chances of this happening are small. The surface into which the pin is screwed is also important for grip. Sandy soil is not as solid as clay soil, for example.

See BERG anchor sets
Anchor set

Put it inside after all?

Should you have the space to store the trampoline, an option is to dismantle the trampoline and put it inside during the winter months. This could be in a garage or shed, for example. By storing the trampoline, you can be assured that it will not be damaged as a result of weather conditions. However, make sure to follow the manual when reassembling the trampoline. The bolts and nuts may also need replacing after repeated assembly and disassembly, so these should always be double-checked when rebuilding.

Also see our maintenance page for trampolines for more information.

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