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What types of tires are there?

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What types of tires are there? What is a difference between EVA and pneumatic tire?

Tires come in all shapes and sizes. With the go-kart tires at BERG, we distinguish between two different types, namely the EVA tires and the pneumatic tyres, both of which have certain properties. How do I know what tires are on a go-kart? If you want to know what kind of tires your go-kart has, check the product page.

EVA go-kart tires

EVA tires are solid whisper tires that are very low maintenance, these go-kart tires cannot puncture and are made of a very hard-wearing material. EVA go-kart tires are mainly found on BERG's small go-karts.


  • Very low-maintenance
  • Cannot puncture
  • Made of hard-wearing material


  • Less comfort than a pneumatic tire
Eva tires

Pneumatic tires

The advantage of pneumatic tires is mainly that they provide more ride comfort and grip than EVA tires. The disadvantage of pneumatic tires is that they can puncture. With EVA tires, you don't suffer from that. All large go-karts at BERG have pneumatic tires.


  • More ride comfort than EVA tires
  • More grip than EVA tires


  • May puncture
Pneumatic tires

What is the difference between slick and off-road tires?

Slick tires are often smooth tires. They are meant for use on paved roads, while off-road tires are meant for dirt roads. The difference is mainly in the profile and shape of the tires. Whereas slick tires have less (deep) tread, the tread of off-road tires is deep enough to give plenty of grip on rough terrain. In addition, off-road tires are often round and slick tires flat/square.

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