BERG Go-karts

For every age, there is a suitable BERG quality go-kart that lasts for years


The trendy go-kart for the first steps in your childs development

Image of a BERG GO2

BERG Buzzy 2-in-1

For the adventurous child who safely wants to discover the world around them

Image of a BERG Buzzy 2-in-1

BERG Buzzy

For the adventurous child who safely wants to discover the world around them

Image of a BERG Buzzy


User-friendly go-kart with exciting looks

Image of a BERG Reppy

BERG Buddy

Specially designed for the courageous youngster, who likes to do their own thing

Image of a BERG Buddy

BERG Rally

For the brave who prefer the thrill of riding a highly manoeuvrable streetracer

Image of a BERG Rally

BERG Street-X

For the urban freestyler looking for a new experience

Image of a BERG Street-X

BERG Specials

For the kids who dare to be different with these authentic custom bikes

Image of a BERG Duo Chopper

BERG Basics

The classic design that made Berg famous has been totally restyled

Image of a BERG basic

BERG Offroad

Your own off-road go-kart style to rule every urban jungle

Image of a BERG X-Plore BFR


Speed. Excitement. Adventure. Start your racing career with a BERG Race

Image of a BERG Race


These robust go-karts make any farming or ranching activity a piece of cake

Image of a Case BFR

E-BFR/E-BFR-3 Series

Fast start and effortless riding pleasure with our E-Go-karts with pedal support

Image of a BERG E-BF

Years of carefree fun

Which is your favourite go-kart? Is it a go-kart you can race around in as fast as you can? A go-kart in which you can explore the neighbourhood at leisure? Or a go-kart by a real tractor or car brand? At BERG we make beautiful and safe go-karts that every child dreams of. We also believe it is important that children can enjoy playing outside without a care in the world. Our go-karts are of excellent quality and guarantee years of fun!

What is the difference between the go-karts?

BERG has a large range of go-karts for young or old, big or small, ranging from the GO² (10 months +) to the E-BFR (6 years +). Before buying a go-kart, you need to know how tall your child is. When you compare that to the heights indicated for the different go-karts, you will get a good picture of which go-kart is better suited to your child. Do you know which platform is best in terms of size? In that case you only need to choose the nicest one!

Are go-karts only for boys? Definitely not!

Whoever says that go-karting is only for boys is entirely wrong! There are many go-karts to choose from for both boys and girls. For the little ones, the BERG GO2 is available in 3 different colours. The Buzzy, Reppy, Buddy and Rally are also available in different versions for boys and girls. There are even pink go-karts available, such as the Buzzy Bloom or the Buddy Lua.

BFR, BFR-3, E-BFR, E-BFR-3 and XXL-BFR. What does it mean?

The larger BERG Go-karts (children 5 years +) are available with four different frames for you to choose from. There is something for everyone, so it really depends on what you are looking for!

All large BERG Go-karts have a BFR system, which means Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. In every large BERG go-kart you can therefore use the pedals to determine whether you want to go forwards or backwards. This same system is also available with three gears: the BFR-3 system. Three gears make pedalling even easier. Hills, slopes and uneven surfaces are even easier to overcome in a BERG go-kart with gears.

The XXL-BFR system is again the same BFR system, only this time on an extra long and sturdy frame. The difference with the normal BFR model is that the seat is adjustable in 8 positions instead of 6. This ensures that even taller people can easily go-kart. In addition, the XXL-BFR system has an extra reinforced frame, making it even stronger than the frame of the BFR go-karts. The E-BFR system is electrically assisted. The harder you pedal, the more assistance you will get from the motor. The pedal support helps children from the age of 6 to reach speeds of up to 16 kilometres per hour!

Complete your go-kart with a supercool trailer!

Attaching a trailer to your go-kart increases the fun! Children love going on adventures and taking extra gear with them in a trailer. Extra toys, a survival kit or a picnic basket will all fit in the trailer! The possibilities are endless when kids set off with a trailer attached to their go-kart. We have matching trailers for practically all our go-karts. For the large trailer there is even a flashy cover to keep all your things dry. The windows of the cover can be rolled up to give you more visibility, so you can check that your things in the trailer are fine. And there is no problem at all if it rains, because all our trailers are waterproof. So no need to panic if it suddenly starts to rain! View all the trailers we offer.