BERG Pro Launcher

BERG Pro Launcher
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BERG Pro Launcher
Jumping and doing tricks is something you want to be able to do anywhere. This mini-trampoline features cool graphics just like those of the BERG Pro Bouncer. Its looks and specifications make this a unique trampoline. Because the Pro Launcher was developed together with the jump scene, the trampoline is developed to match the way you use it. That way, you and your friends can have a blast wherever you want.

• Sturdy and lightweight construction.
• Designed for and by the jump scene.
• Attractive and unique design.
• Easy to carry with the included carrying bag.
• Completes your setup at the Pro Bouncer trampoline.

Jump anywhere, anytime
Wherever you want to jump, simply fold up the Pro Launcher and take it with you in the handy carrying bag that comes with the trampoline.
When unfolded, it always stands firmly on its non-slip feet. Whether you use it in the park or in the dunes.
The springs, mat and padding, together with the compact and strong frame, combine to create a whole new jumping experience on this mini trampoline. Are you ready for it?


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