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Sebastian Wennmalm

Sebastian Wennmalm (better known as Sebbe) is an amazing upcoming talent! Since 2020 he is part of BERG Masters of Bounce. He is only 17 years old, but he already makes the most spectacular tricks on our trampolines and AirTracks.

Instagram: @sebbewennmalm

BERG MOB Sebbe Wennmalm

Jesse Heffels

Jesse Heffels started his journey as a gymnast, but since 2016 he is focusing on trampoline tricks. He makes the most amazing content! In 2020 he became part of the BERG Masters of Bounce crew and we have made really nice content together ever since.

Instagram: @jesseheffels
YouTube: @JesseHeffels
TikTok: @jesse.heffels

BERG MOB Jesse Heffels

Lars PeterzonProfessional creator of stupid ideas

Instagram: @eentetofleventsj
YouTube: @LarsPeterzon

BERG MOB Lars Peterzon

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