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Trampolines Pro Bouncer 2


If you choose BERG, you choose quality, safety and fun!

LowGround trampolines (36)

Do you want to buy a beautiful LowGround trampoline that also lasts a long time? Then the BERG LowGround is a good choice, because we offer the best LowGround trampolines. The big advantage of a 'underground trampoline' is that it is very easy to enter. A BERG LowGround trampoline is largely buried, that means the trampoline is nicely concealed in the garden. With a normal in the ground trampoline, only the frame sticks slightly above the ground. If you are looking for a trampoline that is completely sunken in the ground (also called a ground level trampoline), you can also choose for a InGround (FlatGround) trampoline. With a InGround (FlatGround) trampoline, you don't have an instep because the frame is also buried in the ground. Available in different sizes, from trampolines for kids to big trampolines for adults in the US.

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Which shape should I choose?

Due to our wide range, we offer In Ground trampolines in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a round trampoline, oval and also rectangle ones. From smaller kids trampolines to trampolines that are big and long in size. All shapes come with benefits, choose a shape that suits you best! Available in many sizes, for example the 14ft trampoline, which is very popular.

Digging in a trampoline with a net

If you want to go for the safest trampolines, you can equip your (small or big) LowGround trampoline with net. The enclosure includes netting and poles. A trampoline enclosure ensures that children cannot fall outside the trampoline. This provides extra safety while jumping on your LowGround (garden or outdoor) trampoline.

If you want to know how to bury a ground level trampoline in the ground or if you have questions about whether you can, for example, put a normal trampoline in the ground, we can offer more information. In addition, we give extra tips and we offer a video manual with information about inground trampoline installation.

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