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Trampolines Pro Bouncer 2


If you choose BERG, you choose quality, safety and fun!

InGround (FlatGround) trampolines (36)

If you are thinking about buying an in-ground (FlatGround) trampoline (also called a ground-level trampoline) that you can integrate perfectly into your garden, we recommend buying a BERG FlatGround trampoline. The big advantage is that an in-ground (FlatGround) trampoline is at ground level. That way, the trampoline is not really noticeable in your garden. Because the instep is so low, it's also very easy to enter the trampoline. If you want to go for a trampoline that is built into the ground (FlatGround or InGround), then you have plenty of choice at BERG. In addition to InGround (FlatGround) trampolines, we also offer LowGround trampolines in different shapes and sizes. The main difference between a LowGround and an InGround (FlatGround) is that the frame of an InGround is also buried in the ground, so you don't notice it in your garden at all. This is because the trampoline edge is on the same level as your garden! So if you're looking for a safe trampoline for kids or adults, you came to the right place!

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Rectangular InGround (FlatGround) trampolines and your garden

The rectangular InGround (FlatGround) versions are especially popular. Due to its rectangular shape, the trampolines has a large and elongated jumping surface. This makes practicing your tricks a lot easier! But ofcourse, you can also choose for a round or oval trampoline. You can choose from many sizes, making it easier to find the right outdoor (or garden) trampoline for your backyard. From big trampolines, to the ones that are more suitable for a smaller garden.

Extra safe with a safety net

The safest trampolines are the ones that include a net. You can choose to go for a BERG FlatGround trampoline with a net. A trampoline enclosure includes netting and poles to ensure that your child can safely jump on the trampoline. Due to the self-closing entrance, the trampoline remains easy to enter. With a net, your child can play safely on the trampoline. If you are a professional, and want to use the trampoline for practising your tricks, fitness or working out. You can also choose to buy a InGround (FlatGround) trampoline without a net.

How do I dig in my InGround (FlatGround) trampoline?

If you want to know more about how to bury a (InGround) trampoline, you can read more about it on our InGround trampoline installation page. The video tutorial also gives you more insight into the whole process of installing the trampoline (with enclosure) in your garden.

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