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BERG designs and develops safe trampolines. The BERG Champion is the perfect trampoline for your perfect garden.

Search according to Shape

With BERG, you have the choice between a round, oval (Grand) or rectangular (Ultim) trampoline. In this way, we have the perfect fit for every garden and living situation.

Search according to Height

BERG trampolines are available on legs (Regular), as well as inGround and FlatGround. BERG also develops SPORTS trampolines without a net.

BERG Trampolines: Safety, durability and unlimited jumping pleasure!

What makes Berg the best choice? We guarantee the highest quality products with continual focus on safety and innovation! Our safety team focuses on developing structures to ensure that every part of the trampoline is strong and safe. Our trampolines and materials are designed to withstand many weather conditions and are independently tested by specialists such as TUV and Intertek. The protective padding, for example, is not only UV and wear-resistant, it also provides that extra layer of security integrating perfectly with the jump mat. When you choose BERG, you choose quality and safety. From a child’s standpoint, they just want to play and have fun without a care in the world. Children can use their imaginations and be endlessly creative making their trampoline experience a top priority! Our unique jump mat with airflow technology provides unparalleled jumping for a smoother and higher bounce. Experience the BERG difference!


Design, innovation and sustainability at BERG

A trampoline is a large object in any yard. That’s why BERG’s team of engineers invest a great deal of time and attention into the overall design of the various models that we produce. Our team of experts develop and test new ideas to suit the needs of you and your family and we continue to bring new trampolines into the market with various shapes, sizes and colors. Here at BERG, we also take the world around us into account. BERG works on the basis of conscious choices and we believe that product sustainability is an important aspect. We pay particular attention to this when producing each and every part keeping environmental friendliness in mind.

What is the difference between the trampolines? Which trampoline should I choose?

At BERG we offer different choices to suit your individual needs and preferences. We offer several models including a traditional above ground model, an inground model and a sports model. The above ground model is easy to install and has the ability to be easily moved should the need arise. This makes for a good choice for most home owners due to the versatility. Dependent upon location, this model is clearly visible in your yard. Another option would be our inground model. This model does require a hole to be dug to allow for the trampoline frame to be installed just above ground level. Although additional labor is required, a benefit is that the lower profile is less visible and more appealing for your landscape. Finally, the sports series is the least visible version with a low threshold, making it easy and safe to step onto. Which BERG will you choose?