For every age, there is a suitable BERG quality pedal kart that lasts for years


The trendy kart for the first steps in your childs development

BERG GO2 Pedal-karts

BERG Buzzy

For the adventurous child who safely wants to discover the world around them

BERG Buzzy Pedal-karts


User-friendly go-kart with exciting looks

BERG Reppy Pedal-karts

BERG Buddy

Specially designed for the courageous youngster, who likes to do their own thing

BMW Street Racer Pedal-karts

BERG Rally

For the brave who prefer the thrill of riding a highly manoeuvrable streetracer

BERG Rally Pedal-karts

BERG Street-X

For the urban freestyler looking for a new experience

BERG Street-X Pedal-karts

BERG Compact

Discover your neighbourhood with our compact, light and comfortable cruiser

BERG Compact Pedal-karts

BERG Specials

For the kids who dare to be different with these authentic custom bikes

BERG Duo Chopper Pedal-karts

BERG Classic

Own your neighbourhood with this unrivalled classic pedal kart

Image of a BERG Classic Red Pedal-karts

BERG Offroad

Your own off-road go-kart style to rule every urban jungle

Image of a BERG X-Plore BFR Pedal-karts


Speed. Excitement. Adventure. Start your racing career with a BERG Race

BERG Race Pedal-karts


These robust go-karts make any farming or ranching activity a piece of cake

BERG John Deere BFR Pedal-karts

E-BFR Series

Fast start and effortless riding pleasure with our E-Go-karts with pedal support

BERG E-BFR Pedal-karts

Years of carefree playing fun

Which go-kart do you like best? Do you like to go fast? Do you want to discover your neighbourhood the way you want to? Or do you like our licensed car- and tractor models? BERG designs and develops safe and great looking go-karts every child dreams about. At BERG, we believe in inspiring safe, active outdoor play. Our go-karts are of excellent and durable quality; years of fun guaranteed!