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BERG Trailer XL

BERG Trailer XL
BERG Trailer XL

BERG Trailer XL

With this fantastic trailer, you can easily take all your stuff with you on a go-kart adventure! Whether you are taking a picnic basket to share with your friends or old newspapers collected in the neighbourhood - you can face any challenge with your BERG go-kart and trailer. The BERG Trailer XL even has a tilt function, making every job easy! The trailer can carry a maximum load of 40 kg. This BERG Trailer XL is suitable for all XL go-karts from BERG (BFR, BFR-3, XXL-BFR and E-BFR) and for any terrain. So, discover the world while riding in your go-kart and throw your tent, picnic basket or your toys into this trailer.

BERG Trailer XL M1

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BERG Trailer XL

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BERG Trailer XL

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