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Trampolining is great fun and it's also good for you. Safety, however, is very important, which is why BERG always recommends choosing a trampoline with a safety net. We also sell other accessories such as the BERG Trampoline step, which is handy for the little ones and makes it easier for them to climb onto the above-ground trampoline. A cover for the trampoline is certainly no unnecessary luxury and is easy to use. This cover will keep the jumping mat and the protective edge clean, and thus the quality will remain guaranteed. BERG Quality All BERG trampolines are available with a safety net. You have a choice of different diameters and different qualities. BERG differentiates between the SafetyNet Comfort, the SafetyNet DeLuxe and the SafetyNet T-Series. All safety nets on BERG trampolines are made of high-quality materials and therefore last a long time. BERG Innovation Safety is very important when trampolining. Not only does BERG find it very important to continue innovating when it comes to trampolines and go-karts, but innovation is also important when it comes to BERG trampoline accessories. All our safety nets, for example, have an ultra-safe self-closing entrance. As a result, the entrance to the trampoline with the safety net can never remain open accidentally. BERG Design The SafetyNet Comfort is equipped with protective covers on the poles around the trampoline. The SafetyNet DeLuxe has even thicker pole covers for protection. Both safety nets have sturdy, curved poles around the trampoline to give you even more room to practise your trampolining. Also, the SafetyNet T-Series is attached to the frame of the trampoline by a sturdy, patented construction (BERG Top cap). It provides additional safety and it looks neat and tidy.