BERG Product registration

Register your BERG Product

Thank you for choosing BERG as brand of choice for your new go kart or trampoline purchase! If you choose to register your BERG Product, you will receive 3 years of extended warranty on your go-kart or trampoline (except for the BERG Go², 1 year of extended warranty is applied if you register your BERG Go²).

To ensure an extended warranty period of your BERG Go-Kart and trampoline, please register as per instructions below. Registering your product as well entitles you to an extended warranty. 

Please pay attention: you can only register your gokart- or trampoline frame. Safety nets and other accessories are excluded from registration.


Explanation product registration

Below you will find the steps to take in order to register your BERG product.

Steps to take

  1. Step 1: Register your product by submitting the product name or article number in the search field (submitting just 1 field is already sufficient)
  2. Step 2: Click on the product you wish to register
  3. Step 3: Fill in the date of purchase and batch number (serial number). If you do not know where to find the serial number you can check the following document: finding serial number on gokart or trampoline. In addition upload your proof of purchase. Click on “next”
  4. Step 4: Complete your data and finish by clicking on “confirm”
  5. Step 5: Congratulations! You have registered your product. You will be offered the option of downloading the certificate and/or sending the certificate to your email address.

Should you experience any problems with the registration of your product, we recommend you to have a look at the below FAQ list.




I am searching on the name of my trampoline, but still get the message no products are found. How is that possible?

When you search on product name (e.g. BERG Elite+InGround Red 430 Tattoo + Safety Net T-series) and no search result is displayed, try again by searching on just a part of the name (e.g. Elite+InGround). Sometimes the product name is submitted in the incorrect sequence, this is why it is not found.


Do I have to complete both search fields?

No, it is possible to search on product name or article number. Submitting just one field is sufficient. The article number of a product can be found on the product page on our website.


Which article number do I have to fill in and where can I find it?

You can register your product based on the package number (e.g. the article number of a trampoline + net). Not on the individual number (e.g. the article number of the trampoline)

Should you not get a search result after filling in the article number, you have probably used an incorrect article number. This happens, as our BERG resellers often use different article numbers than we do. The correct article number can be found on our website, at the product in question. This article number can be used for the registration.


Your new purchase may comprise of multiple products.


If your product comprises of multiple boxes, it is sufficient to register the go-kart frame only. The article number is printed on the label attached to the box. (The warranty of the theme box will be automatically covered when the go-kart frame has been registered.)


It is sufficient to register the trampoline only. The article number is printed on the label attached to box. (The warranty of the safety net will automatically be covered when your trampoline has been registered.)

Tip! If box is no longer available and product reference is not listed on your dealer invoice, you may retrieve via: for go-karts or for trampolines.

How will I get a valid certificate?

After registration of your product, you will have the possibility to download the certificate and/or to send it by email.


Where can I find the serial number of my product?

I am searching for the serial number of my gokart.

I am searching for the serial number of my trampoline.


Registration terms and conditions:

  • The product should be registered within 1 month after purchase through this page. If the product is not registered within 1 month, the standard warranty period mentioned in the User Manual is applicable.
  • A frame warranty is valid only upon presentation of a valid proof of purchase and associated certificate.
  • The warranty may not be transferred to third parties.
  • The General Warranty Terms apply to all products.
  • No rights may be derived from these campaigns.
  • Registration is not applicable to BERG products that are used for the recreational and/or the leisure market.
  • BERG may change its campaigns and associated conditions at any time.
  • BERG is not liable for any errors in content or image material.