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all pedal karts
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Now and then, you will need to inspect your BERG pedal go kart and check whether any parts need replacing. Most BERG pedal go karts are fitted with pneumatic tyres, so at some point you may need to buy a new inner or outer tyre, for example.

But BERG also has many other pedal go kart parts, such as pedals, a new spoiler or a new chain guard. To keep your BERG pedal kart in tip-top condition, it's a good idea to check all the pedal go kart parts now and then.

All BERG pedal go kart parts are top quality and always fit perfectly on your BERG pedal go kart. Are you looking for a specific pedal go kart part? You will find it at or at a dealer near you.

So check regularly whether your pedal go kart parts need replacing. You will then have many more years of pleasure on your BERG pedal go kart,