What does it mean to become your own master?

This is your moment, your coolest trick. You have it totally in your mind and body. Tried it so often, but now you have the feeling. Now it's going to work. You're not doing it alone, your friends cheer you on to go even higher. You jump higher and higher until all elements are in balance and then you do it. Time seems to stop. The world revolves around you, you fly. What a jump! Your friends go crazy. You mastered the skill.


Air - moves us to a higher place

Air gives you energy and the know-how to perfect your skills. You control all your moves in your mind. You stay calm under pressure. Together with your friends, you raise the bar still higher and help each other to get there.

EVA — @evagorter


Earth - heals us when we need it

Earth gives you the power to visualise your goals and to give you the mental and physical strength to meet the challenge, that stands before you. It also gives you the energy to keep on going, when things get tough. Just like your friends who help you, to get up and motivate you to try again.

DANTE — @dantesantovenia


Fire - transforms us into what we want to be

Fire gives you courage and eagerness to push your limits. No matter how difficult the trick, you wholeheartedly dare to take on every adventure. You motivate yourself and everyone around you to bring out the best in each other.

SEBBE — @sebbewennmalm


Water - shapes us in who we want to be

Water gives you creativity for new tricks and agility for a perfect performance. You make yourself physically and mentally strong, through practice and development. Your senses are on full alert. Everything tells you it is going to work.

JESSE — @jesseheffels


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