BERG Trampoline ingraven

How to install an InGround trampoline

Looking for a trampoline that will not be too prominent in your back/front yard? A BERG InGround trampoline is the perfect solution! Safe and easy to access as it is installed in the ground, young and young at heart can enjoy, providing many hours of active outdoor play!

Installation instructions

trampoline ingraven stap 1

Step 1
On the ground surface, mark the middle point of the trampoline. With the tape measure provided with the trampoline, draw the circle around the marked point. Ensure there is / are no shrubs, trees or any other obstructions in the near vicinity of the circle. For safety purposes, refer to the provided user manual for minimum distance between trampoline edge and obstruction.

trampoline ingraven stap 2

Step 2
If location is according to specification, digging can be commenced.

trampoline ingraven stap 3

Step 3
Dig required hole as shown in above diagram. Hole dimensions can be viewed in diagram below or in the user manual.

trampoline ingraven stap 4

Step 4
Observe edges of the hole is less deep than the inner circle.

trampoline ingraven stap 5

Step 5
Place the trampoline construction over the hole, secure where necessary and it is ready for use! Take note: The short trampoline legs are positioned above ground level.

Inground trampoline hole dimensions

InGround teampoline kuil afmetingen

FlatGround trampoline hole dimensions

FlatGround teampoline kuil afmetingen

Advantages of a BERG InGround trampoline

Less digging

Due to the unique design, it is not necessary to dig a deep hole. This means less digging!



The short legs of the InGround trampoline are positioned above ground level. This reduces possible corrosion making the service life longer.


Extra safe

The integrated frame net allows air below the trampoline to escape ensuring a better jump experience. It also helps to prevent objects, animals and children to access the underside of the trampoline.


Extra stability

The short legs of the InGround trampoline ensure extra stability.


High spring comfort

On a BERG trampoline you jump higher and better. This is due to the TwinSpring springs and the AirFlow jumping mat. This combination ensures less air resistance and a larger jumping surface.


Easy to install

Installion of the BERG InGround trampoline is very user friendly. The user manual provides step by step installation instructions.


Plenty of choices

There is always a BERG trampoline that fits your backyard requirements!

Frequently asked questions

How do I install a trampoline in the ground?

Installation instructions are explained in the user manual provided with the trampoline. Installation can be done by a new owner him/herself.
As alternative, the work can be done as service by a local BERG dealer or a professional 3rd party landscaper.


Is it possible to convert an above ground trampoline to an inground configuration?

Technically, with the correct parts, one can physically alter an above ground trampoline to that of an in-ground configuration.
However, alteration is at user’s own risk. Warranty will no longer be applicable as design of original product is being altered from original specifications.


What repercussions does rain have on the hole dug for the Inground trampoline?

Regular rain conditions and well irrigated soil will ensure adequate, required drainage. However, above average conditions can result in unwanted flooding.
If the trampoline is exposed to a geographical location known for high rainfalls, it is recommended to contact a local landscaper for drainage consultation.


Is it recommended to hire assistance related to installation a BERG InGround trampoline?

If a new owner is not comfortable installing themselves, one may chose to contact one of our BERG dealers or a professional 3rd party landscaper to help facilitate.


Weed prevention under a BERG InGround trampoline

It is desirable to manage the growth of weeds under the trampoline. Failure to do so may impede the overall jump experience. Herbicides or anti-root fabric are viable options. Contact a local garden center for consultation on the various options available.