YES! The BERG Buzzy family has 2 new family members! We are pleased to introduce them to you with great pride and enthusiasm!

The BERG Buzzy Nitro is a really cool go-kart. The spectacular tyres, the off-road look and the perfect use of colours make the go-kart unique and spectacular. Who wouldn't want to be seen with this go-kart?!

The BERG Buzzy Bloom looks really ‘cute’. The go-kart is designed in soft colours with a matching flower pattern. The pink storage basket is ideal for taking your toys with you. The dream of every little girl and, of course, every mother.

By filling in this form you will have the chance to win a BERG Buzzy Nitro or BERG Buzzy Bloom!

As with all Buzzy go-karts, the steering wheel and saddle are adjustable. This makes the Buzzy's suitable for children aged 2 to 5. The go-karts not only looks fantastic, they are perfect for helping children learn to pedal. First with their feet on the ground and, before you know it, they will have their little feet on the pedals and will be tearing around the house, down the garden or around the neighbourhood!

Sit down and relax and enjoy the spectacular videos of these new Buzzy's!

Video BERG Buzzy Bloom
Video BERG Buzzy Nitro