The perfect trampoline for your perfect garden

Find the shape that suits you
On a BERG Champion you jump higher and better than ever! This is due to the TwinSpring springs and the AirFlow jumping mat. This combination ensures less air resistance and a larger jumping surface. Thanks to the thick protective padding and the sturdy frame construction, the trampoline is also super safe. You can choose from 3 different shapes.

Rechthoekige trampoline

BERG Ultim Trampoline

The Ultim Champion is rectangular in shape. This makes for great jumping over the entire length and width. You also have more control over the jumps you make. The shape ensures that the trampoline fits perfectly in almost any garden.


Ovale trampoline

BERG Grand Trampoline

The oval shape combines the efficient strength of a round frame with the large jumping surface of a rectangular shaped trampoline. On an oval trampoline you can jump over the entire length.


Ronde trampoline

BERG Trampoline

The frame of a round trampoline is very strong. The best place you can jump on a round trampoline is in the center. This is because the tension on the springs and the frame is evenly distributed during jumping.


This makes the berg champion the unbeaten champion

Airflow springdoek

Less resistance with the BERG AirFlow jumping mat

This jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation compared with a standard jumping mat. Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, which is why you can make higher jumps.

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TwinSpring Gold

Larger jumping surface with TwinSpring Gold

Because the TwinSpring Gold springs are placed at an angle, they are extra long and supple without reducing the jumping surface.

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UV resistente PVC

Extra long life UV-resistant PVC padding

The padding is made from a good quality UV resistant PVC which means the Champion padding lasts longer than other BERG paddings.

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Extra stevig frame

Extra sturdy frame for more safety

A BERG Champion lasts for years due to the excellent quality of the frame. The frame is galvanised and powder coated, which ensures corrosion resistance.

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Find the version that fits your needs

Hoge trampoline

BERG Regular + Safety Net
If you prefer not to dig a hole in your garden, a high trampoline is a shure choice. A high trampoline is easy to install, to place where you want and is also clearly visible in your garden.

Inground trampoline

BERG InGround + Safety Net
An inground trampoline with safety net has a low entry, making it easy and safe to enter the trampoline. The trampoline is less visible in the garden than the high trampoline version.

Inground trampoline

BERG InGround (Sports)
The Inground trampoline without safety net (sports) has a discrete profile. Due to the low step of 20/27 centimeters, the trampoline is easy and safe to enter.

Flatground trampoline

BERG FlatGround (Sports)
A FlatGround trampoline is seamlessly integrated into your garden. The protective padding of the trampoline lies flush with the upper surface of the garden. This results in an discrete, easy to access trampoline.

Flatground Safety Net trampoline

BERG FlatGround + Safety Net
This large trampoline (4.1 x 2.5m) offers an enormous amount of jumping space. Just like Olympic trampolines, this Ultim Champion is rectangular. This means that you can make superfine jumps across the entire length and width of the trampoline.

Jump even safer with a Safety Net

Champion trampoline Safety Net Deluxe XL

Safety Net Deluxe XL

  • 22% higher and safer
  • Always taut thanks to the extra strong top hoop
  • The robust, curved poles provide extra safety
  • Great quality net material
  • Self-closing entrance

Champion trampoline Safety Net Deluxe

Safety Net Deluxe

  • Always taut thanks to the extra strong top hoop
  • The robust, curved poles provide extra safety
  • Great quality net material
  • Self-closing entrance

Champion trampoline Safety Net comfort

Safety Net Comfort

  • Great quality net material
  • Very strong construction
  • Self-closing entrance


Which BERG Champion will you choose?