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To find the part you want, use either the search option on the left or at the right side.Depending on the information you already have, choose one of the two.

How do I find the correct part for my specific go-kart or trampoline?

Select the year of purchase and the product group from the menu (Small Ride-On: up to 5 years, Large Ride-On: 5+ years, Trampolines for trampolines) and press search. A list of BERG products for the selected year appears. When you click on your specific BERG product, an overview with all available spare parts will appear.

I don’t remember the year of purchase. How can I found it out?

Your product has an aluminum sticker with article number and B / N number. The first digits of the B / N number usually indicate the year of production: 20xxxx-xxxxxx = 2020, 19xxxx-xxxxxx = 2019, 18xxxx-xxxxxx = 2018 etc.

Click here for a manual for the B / N number of your go-kart.

Click here for a manual for the B / N number of your trampoline.