Pimp your trampoline!

Yes, I would love a trampoline! That doesn’t seem too difficult a request, but there are so many different types and sizes of trampoline. There are also many accessories for your BERG trampoline. Read below which accessories BERG has to offer, so that you get the trampoline that suits your requirements.
There are various options available! Should you opt for extra safety or for maintenance of your trampoline? Of should you opt for a combination? Everything is possible! 


Extra safety

It is a comforting thought if you can let your little one jump up and down on the trampoline without worry. Extra security where it concerns the unrestrained enthusiasm of a child is essential. Moreover, you can now practice jumping safely without the risk of falling off the trampoline. BERG recommends that you always use a trampoline in combination with a BERG safety net. There is plenty of choice, so choose the BERG safety net that suits your needs.


Tattoo game

You will definitely make an impact with this game! In this unique game, the onlookers determine what the next jump of the person on the trampoline will be by calling out or gesturing. Make the jumps as difficult as possible because, if the jumper is out of the game, it will be your turn! Dare you have a go?


Extra stability

Do you have a high trampoline? In other words, not an InGround model? If so, you have the option to anchor your trampoline with the ‘BERG anchor set’. The trampoline will then stay even more firmly in place.



If you have a high trampoline it is handy and safe to have a small ladder attached to the trampoline. Everyone can then step on and off the trampoline safely.



Give your trampoline extra protection with a BERG cover.The drain holes allow the water to run off when it rains and the trampoline remains clean and free of leaves and dirt.

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