The BERG Vision. Our vision for the pedal go-kart of the future

A pedal go-kart filled to the brim with technological marvels. A design that stimulates all senses. Innovative, sporty, electric, playful, grown up. The BERG Vision is how we see the future of pedal go-karts and shows how a combination of design with intelligent technology will make the driving experience more pure and engaging. Made to challenge the market but above all, ourselves.

Watch out! The BERG Vision is a concept go-kart for the future. This go-kart is not available on the website or from BERG dealers.

A creative license for our R&D department

Develop a concept pedal go-kart with everything on board. That was the assignment. The only condition: the design must have the wow-factor. This is the result: The BERG Vision. Packed with innovative features like: a central brake disc, 5 gears, electrical support, a smart on-board computer and a fully integrated light system.

BERG Vision Rear
Design by Giugiaro

For the design we also went all out. The first sketches for the BERG Vision were conceived on the drawing board at Giugiaro; one of the best known automotive design studios in the world and responsible for unrivaled designs like the Lamborghini Diablo. The distinctive sharp lines and edges of high-performance sport cars are clearly recognizable in our design.

BERG Vision Rear
E-power. Super-fast acceleration

When you pedal faster, the electric engine gives you a sporty boost. When you step it up a notch, you’ll notice that the electric engine gives even more support. This way, you don’t need any effort to accelerate up to incredibly high speeds.

BERG Vision Image
BERG Vision Image
BFR-5 with differential

The intelligent transmission is equipped with 5 gears and a differential. This is all necessary for the immense energy created by your pedaling and the powerful electric engine to be transferred efficiently to the two rear wheels.

Hydraulic brake disc. Stop in a split second

The specially created and patented central brake disc applies braking power evenly to both rear wheels and slows you down efficiently. This way the go-kart stops in no time at all. Powered by a fully integrated differential. Activated with a central hand brake.

BERG Vision Display
BERG Vision Image
Soft-grip sport wheel with controls

The light system is fully integrated in the chassis. Parking lights, brake lights, high beams, indicators. It’s all there and it’s easily activated from the steering wheel.

Smart display with build-in lights

The central display – which of course features build-in lights – shows your exact speed, the total distance driven and the total amount of power still remaining in your battery.

BERG Vision Display
BERG Vision Image
At BERG we take toys serious. Very serious

With our pedal go-kart we aim to inspire children’s fantasy. We make go-karts that appeal to the imagination. Go-karts which stimulate children, all over the world, to be more active and play outside. Because of this, we take children and their go-karts just as serious as grown-ups take their vehicles.

Diverse innovations. Already available on the E-BFR today

The BERG Vision gives a preview of the electrical future of the E-BFR models. Some of those innovations, that were initially developed for the BERG Vision, are already available on the E-BFR models right now! Things like an LCD display, torque-sensor, electrical pedaling support and a replaceable battery…