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A go-kart by BERG is, of course, great fun in itself, but you can make your go-kart look even cooler by adding accessories. You can add an extra seat so that your brother or sister can ride on your go-kart with you, add on some lamps or even attach a nice trailer to your go-kart. Pimp your go-kart with these BERG Go-Kart accessories! BERG Quality All BERG Go-Kart accessories are made from high-quality materials. As a result, the go-karts and the parts last a long time and children can enjoy these great go-kart accessories for much longer. BERG Innovation BERG believes innovation is very important and is continuously occupied with product innovation. BERG Design Many go-kart accessories are available in the same colours and styles as those of the BERG Go-Karts. The other accessories, such as the trailer, lamps, mirrors, etc, are designed to fit any go-kart.