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Trampoline buying guide

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What should you look out for when you want to buy the best trampoline

If you have just decided to buy a trampoline, it is useful to know what to look out for if you want a good quality trampoline. Trampolines may look very similar, but there are many differences between them. The big difference can be found in various components such as the jumping mat, the spring cover (also known as protection or trampoline pad) and the springs. The most important thing is to pay close attention to the quality and reliability of a trampoline. But how do you know what exactly to look out for? And how do you recognise its quality? Pay attention to the following points when buying a BERG trampoline.

Spring cover (trampoline pad): provides essential safety

The trampoline spring cover is the edge around the trampoline that sits over the springs. This is generally green, but we also have trampolines in our range with a grey or black edge! The thicker and wider the trampoline pad, the better it protects you if you accidentally do a wrong jump. The trampoline pad is the most crucial part in terms of the lifespan of your trampoline. So choose a thick material that feels smooth to the touch. Ask about the production method and if there is an added UV protection layer. Knife Coated PVC and a UV protection layer ensure a long life. The quality lines within BERG each have their own UV resistance and specific trampoline edge thickness.


Trampoline mat: jump higher than ever before with AirFlow (Pro)

Sturdy woven trampoline mat (also called trampoline bed). A jumping mat made of polypropylene guarantees the longest lifespan. In addition, the number of stitches along the outer edge are crucial for safety and durability (the more the better). With BERG trampolines, there is some difference between the jumping mats. Our Favorit entry-level models feature a standard trampoline mat that performs well. Our Champion and Elite models feature an AirFlow or even AirFlow Pro trampoline mat. Our Pro Bouncer features an AirFLow Pro trampoline mat as standard. This mat allows you to jump higher than ever before and was actually developed for truly experienced jumpers and professionals and allows 150% more air through. Because the trampoline mat allows more air through, there is less air resistance which allows you to jump higher!

Air Flow

Safety net

The safety net is obviously also a very important part of the trampoline. If you buy a trampoline, it is important to check that it comes with a decent safety net. The trampoline's safety net should have sturdy posts, high-quality stretchy fabric with a small mesh and sturdy wide straps at the top and bottom with plenty of stitching (the more the better). All safety nets at BERG are safe and robust, but there are some differences between the various safety nets. The difference is mainly in terms of the height of the safety net. The reason is that you can jump higher on a larger trampoline, and so could possibly overshoot the net if it's too small. Hence, if you buy a trampoline from BERG, you have the option of buying an appropriate safety net with it that is safe enough to ensure you stay inside the trampoline when jumping. We always recommend buying a trampoline with safety net to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Read more about safety nets and safe trampolining.

Safety net


The springs of the trampoline are a very important component and largely determine the jump comfort of the trampoline. For this reason, BERG has also done a lot of research on trampoline springs. Because it's not just jump comfort that is important, safety also plays a big part. What makes BERG's springs safer are the extra windings, meaning there can never be too much space between two windings, and you won't get hurt. That's a reassuring thought! BERG trampolines' springs are specially designed for children, but are also safe for adults. Children generally weigh much less than an adult, so to ensure that children can still enjoy jumping without getting tired, the TwinSpring spring is a very flexible, supple spring. To ensure the spring is safe for adults, it is a very strong spring made with a thick wire. There are different types of springs that all last a long time, but our TwinSpring Pro springs are the best, and when combined with the AirFlow Pro trampoline mat you'll be able to do super high, awesome jumping on your trampoline. If you'd like to try it out, simply check with one of our dealers for a trial jump!


Frame: the basis of a good trampoline

Sturdy frame, not too thin and with at least 1 protective (zinc) layer. All BERG trampolines have a sturdy frame which can absorb all forces on the trampoline effortlessly. That's as safe as can be. A cheap trampoline often has a frame made of cheaper materials. Is the frame galvanised on both the inside and outside? This means that a strong anti-corrosion coating has been applied over the frame. An important indicator of a trampoline that will last. The larger the tube diameter and tube wall thickness, the better the quality of the frame is and the longer your trampoline will last.



Once purchased, you won't need to worry about your trampoline breaking if you make sure you have a good long warranty. Since it is quite a costly outlay, it is good to know that the trampoline will last a long time. At BERG you have a very long warranty as standard on the trampoline's frame. The quality line of the trampoline is a factor in the length of the warranty. A Favorit trampoline comes with a standard 5-year warranty on the frame, while a Champion, Elite or Pro Bouncer trampoline comes with a 10-year warranty! Of course, there is also a guarantee on the protective edge, the jumping mat and the trampoline springs. In addition, we recommend registering the trampoline within a month of your purchase for 3 years extended warranty on the frame!

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