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BERG Elite vs Champion

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Ultim Elite trampoline met Airflow

BERG Airflow springdoek

Less resistance with the BERG AirFlow jumping mat

This jumping cloth is 50% more air-permeable than a standard jumping cloth. This ensures less (air) resistance during jumping, which makes you jump higher.

BERG Twinspring Gold

Larger jumping surface with TwinSpring Gold

The slanted TwinSpring Gold springs ensure a larger jumping surface. This way you can also jump nice and light on the sides of the trampoline cloth!
Go outside and do the coolest tricks

BERG Configurator

The ideal trampoline for every family!

Choose your trampoline with our handy configurator

Just click your way through the configurator and choose your trampoline! Change the model, size or quality and everything will adjust automatically! Have fun choosing the trampoline that suits you all best!

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