Trampoline maintenance during the winter period

Winter is coming, which means: cold, rain and maybe even snow might be coming our way. It is very important to protect your trampoline in the winter period. But how can your trampoline be best prepared during this season? We will give you a few tips!

The first step is cleaning your trampoline. You can start off by removing the dirt on your trampoline; this can be anything from autumn leaves to snow. Secondly, you can clean the trampoline with (cold) water and a cloth. Please be aware that you do not use any other cleaning products like soap, as these might damage the material! Immediately dry off the trampoline after the cleaning process, to make sure no water remains. By regularly maintaining your BERG, the quality remains the same and the lifetime could be improved.

Additionally, you can protect your trampoline with a weather cover; this helps protecting it against rain, leaves or other dirt. The weather cover covers the protective edge, springs and jump mat of your BERG. Therefore, it protects more parts of the trampoline than just the jump mat. The BERG weather covers are available in different sizes and colors.

It is also possible to secure your trampoline during heavy weather conditions. This can be done by using an anchor set. This ensures that your trampoline keeps standing during a storm. Sometimes an anchor set is also not resistant against storm. It depends on where your trampoline is placed. If it is in an open area, the jumping mat will catch a lot of wind and the anchoring set can be completely untied. The chance that this happens is small. The ground where the pin is turned is also important for the handhold. Sandy soil is less firm than for example clay soil.

If you have enough space to store your trampoline, you could consider to disassemble your trampoline in the winter time. By storing it away in for example a shed or garage, your trampoline will definitely not be damaged during this cold season. 

With these tips & tricks your trampoline should get through the winter period without damages! See this page for more information.