Did you know that jumping on a trampoline has a positive effect on your health? It is a perfect tool for your daily work-out, where you can determine the intensity yourself. Besides the health benefits, it ensures endless fun!

The trampoline can be used by anyone and it is a healthy and fun way to exercise more. Besides that, a trampoline can make you happier; it is proven that jumping decreases stress levels. By bouncing, you get more oxygen in your blood, improving the blood circulation. This has two advantages: your lungs and skin are both purified, plus you experience a more relaxed feeling.

In addition, according to a study by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), jumping on a trampoline has major positive effects on your body. When your body gently hits the springs, you can train your whole body. At the same time, no major pressure is exerted on your muscles, bones or tendons. It results into less sensitivity for injuries, thanks to extra-long and smooth springs like our TwinSpring technique.  

According to NASA, jumping on a trampoline is even 68% more effective than jogging. It makes you stronger and fitter; helping certain physical complaints to be solved. Also, the rapid burning of calories is a nice way to help when slimming.  

It is also used as a ‘class’ in the gym. The biggest advantage of a trampoline is that it can be placed at home and you can create the same effect. This also saves you the time when travelling to the gym.

Jumping on a trampoline therefore has several effects on your health and a positive effect on your body.