The Baby Innovation Award Kind + Jugend 2018 goes to: the BERG GO²!

After winning the first award for our youngest design, the BERG GO², the second award is also a fact! The pedal go-kart won the Baby Innovation Award Kind + Jugend 2018 in the category “World of Kids Toys”.

After many submissions from different countries, the jury of experts announced the nominees per category. We are very proud to announce that the BERG GO² is the category winner!

The winners of the Baby Innovation Award are distinguished in the market based on: design, appearance, materials, use and technology. Besides that, every product needs to have a unique and practical benefit for the consumer. The most important requirements that the jury of experts assessed are innovativeness and safety.

We are honored of winning the Baby Innovation Award Kind + Jugend 2018 and grateful that the unique advantages of the BERG GO² have been recognized by the jury of experts.