BERG is always looking for ways to make outdoor playing as accessible as possible for everyone. Meaning we offer four different frames for our Large Ride-ons (aged 5 years and older), for both children and adults. There is a suitable frame for everyone, so it really depends what exactly you are looking for in a pedal go-kart! In this blogpost we will explain the differences between the four frames and in which circumstances each frame has its own unique qualities and specifications. This way, you can always make a good choice. 

BFR Frame

All large BERG Pedal go-karts have a BFR-system. BFR stands for: Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. This system allows you to brake with the pedals, but also immediately drive backwards after coming to a standstill. Additionally, the freewheel ensures that the pedals remain stationary whilst the wheels are still turning. The combination of these techniques makes sure you can always safely drive around on your BERG Pedal go-kart.


BFR-3 Frame

Besides the BFR Frame, BERG also offers a BFR-3 Frame. The abbreviation of BFR remains the same, but with only now you get something extra: three gears! Three gears on your pedal go-kart ensure optimal comfort and makes sure you get to your destination even quicker. These gears especially come in handy when you for example have to climb a hill. Simply said: the BFR-3 Frame gives you an extra opportunity to win a race!



Who says riding a pedal go-kart is only for children? Thanks to the BERG XXL-Frame, riding around on a go-kart can be even more fun for taller people. The BFR Frame and XXL-Frame have a lot in common and both have the BFR-system. The big difference between the two, is that the seat on the XXL-Frame is adjustable in eight different positions, instead of six. This makes sure tall people can also join a pedal go-kart race! Another extra is that the XXL version has an extra sturdy frame, making it even stronger than the XL-Frame on our BFR Pedal go-karts. 


E-BFR Frame

The E-BFR Frame is BERG’s newest frame, suitable for everyone aged 6 years and older. All pedal go-karts with this frame are our BERG E-go-karts, meaning they have electric pedal assistance up to 16 kilometers per hour! The E-BFR Frame can be put on several of our pedal go-karts, making sure there’s a go-kart for everyone.


When you have a pedal go-kart with an E-BFR Frame, the BFR Frame and XXL-Frame are automatically integrated within this frame. The E-BFR Frame also makes sure you can brake with the pedals and immediately drive backwards after coming to a standstill. Besides that, the seat can be adjusted in eight positions, meaning years of fun!


Which frame suits you best? Here you can find an overview of all our pedal go-karts.