A while ago, the review site of pricerunner.com tested some of our trampolines and awarded us with two winner badges. Our BERG Favorit received the badge ‘Best Trampoline’ and our BERG Champion received ‘Best Premium Choice’. In this blogpost we would like to tell you a little bit more about what these badges mean and how Pricerunner puts their products to the test.

Pricerunner is also known for their ‘Best in test’ winners badges, is a company testing products their selves in real everyday conditions. They are able to see if a product is of good quality and for example if a product is worth the ‘hype’. They test products over a long period of time to give a reasonable advice to the product and what you should or shouldn’t do. This adds up to a reliable image of certain products, tested by experts within various areas.

For the trampoline test, the company first gave some clear examples on why it’s better on the long-term to go for a better quality, but higher priced trampoline. This is something we really want to bring across to our costumers as well, since the high quality is better for the trampoline’s durability and there’s a reduction in the need for spare parts.

First of all, our BERG Favorit was tested. Our Favorit range combines quality, safety and performance at a great price. It was ranked ‘Best Trampoline – Best in Test’ with the combination of these features by Pricerunner. Overall, the company ranked the BERG Favorit really well in the review. It’s concluded as a safe trampoline from high quality. We, at BERG, are extremely grateful for the rating ‘Best Trampoline’

After the Favorit trampoline, the BERG Champion was put up to the test. This trampoline offers even better jumping comfort thanks to their TwinSpring Gold springs. Pricerunner tested our BERG Champion and it was awarded with a ‘Best Premium Choice’ badge. We are very proud of receiving a winner badge for this trampoline as well!

We are very happy with the final test results and would like to thank Pricerunner for extensively testing our products. If you want to read the reviews given on our BERG Favorit, BERG Champion and BERG Talent trampolines, please feel free to visit: https://www.pricerunner.com/us/pricerunner/bit/trampoline