Every large BERG Pedal Go-kart is equipped with either a BFR system or a BFR-3 system. But what is this exactly and what is the difference between these two systems? We will explain this to you.

BFR stands for: Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. 
bfr          bfr
The BERG Pedal Go-karts with a BFR or BFR-3 system have the following advantages:
  • Each Pedal go-kart has a freewheel mechanism that ensures you can keep the pedals still while the wheels are turning.
  • Each Pedal go-kart also has a coaster brake..
  • Each Pedal go-kart can immediately reverse after standing still.
The Pedal go-karts with BFR-3 system have an extra function. These Pedal go-karts have as many as three gears! This makes accelerating faster or riding up a hill much easier!