Berg Ultim Elite

Berg Ultim Elite
Price £2,969.00
Berg Ultim Elite

The BERG Ultim Elite is now also available as a regular model! This means that the trampoline does not have to be sunk into the ground and everyone can enjoy our top model.

The Ultim Elite is our largest trampoline and measures 5x3 metres. The rectangular shape means you can make superfine jumps over the entire length of the trampoline. The shape of this trampoline also ensures better orientation, giving you more control over the jumps that you make.

The Ultim Elite 500 is of course equipped with the Airflow jumping mat and TwinSpring springs. The AirFlow jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation. This enables you to jump higher and makes you less tired. The TwinSpring springs are placed diagonally. As a result, the trampoline has more springs, which are also longer. This ensures more jumping pleasure and gives you the perfect jump area.

The size of the trampoline in combination with AirFlow and TwinSpring enables you to make really high jumps. We have made the safety net higher than it normally is specifically for that reason: 2.20 metres instead of 1.80 metres. The more experienced jumpers can now make safer jumps too. The safety net fits on the Regular and the FlatGround trampoline. In addition to the Ultim Champion FlatGround, this is the only FlatGround trampoline that can be fitted with a net.

  • • The Regular trampoline is delivered with a ladder as standard.
  • • The Elite protective edge is de best in the market. The special UV resistant layer keeps the trampoline looking attractive for a long time.
  • • The gapless protective edge consists of one continuous piece of foam. This ensures complete protection of the springs and the frame.
  • • The protective edge is extra wide (44 cm) and thick (45 mm).
  • • The patented frame consists of a strong profile of 140x80 mm.
  • • Super silent frame.
  • • The AirFlow jumping mat allows 50% more airflow. This results in better jumping comfort and higher and more flexible jumping!
  • • Because the TwinSpring Gold springs are placed at an angle, they are extra long and • supple without reducing the jumping surface.
  • • Available with the extra high (220cm) Safety net Deluxe XL. 22% Higher, 22% Safer!




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