BERG has developed special springs for all its trampolines: These springs are so flexible that both children and adults can safely and easily practice trampolining. They are made from the best materials A long service life is guaranteed.

BERG trampoline springs: 
No rust!
Trampolines are often left outside the whole year round. The steel parts have quite a lot to endure. The steel parts of the BERG trampolines, including the springs, are rustproof and will therefore last for years.

Design look
The BERG Trampoline springs look good and robust. Not only do they make your BERG trampoline extremely safe, they also make it look really good.




GoldSpring Talent springs are used solely in BERG Talent trampolines. They are durable springs that are fully galvanised, so both inside and out. 
This spring is slightly shorter than our other two springs, and even at this smaller size, you will still have a maximum jumping surface. Naturally, jumping fun is guaranteed - also with this spring. Naturally, the Talent spring was extensively tested and has an excellent quality - price ratio!

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These are flexible springs that are used on all BERG Favorit trampolines. They are fully galvanised, both inside and out, and ensure good jumping comfort.
Perfect for children and adults!
The GoldSpring Solo spring is specially designed for children, but it is also safe for adults. Children often weigh much less than adults, so to ensure that children are still able to jump without tiring easily, the GoldSpring Solo is a very flexible, supple spring. To ensure that the springs are safe for adults, they are very strong and made of thick wire. Did you know that just one spring can support 50 kg? 

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In regular trampolines, you always see a single straight spring. The unique property of the TwinSpring Gold system is formed by thedouble springs placed at a V angle. This enables us to place very good, long springs in the trampoline without taking up too much space. It also creates an extra large jumping surface. You can jump all the way to the edge! You can easily get tired after some jumping on the trampoline. That’s why it’s important to develop the right springs for a trampoline, allowing even the smallest children to jump to their hearts’ content. The TwinSpring Gold has extra spirals.This makes for very smooth jumping, so you can jump a lot longer before getting tired. 

The spring is the key element of the trampoline, so we have conducted extensive research. The spring must be working as well and smoothly as possibly, and must also be safe. The extra spirals in this spring prevent the creation of too much space between 2 spirals. That way, you don’t get hurt, not even when you touch it while jumping. 

Naturally, this spring is also fully galvanised (inside and outside) with a durable rustproof layer of zinc. Installing these springs is very easy as a result of the handy installation system. These TwinSpring Gold springs are used on all BERG Champion, BERG EazyFit and BERG Elite+ trampolines 

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