BERG Sound box Race S/M/L

BERG Sound box Race S/M/L
Price £19.00
BERG Sound box Race S/M/L

Make your go-kart experience even more real with the Soundbox Race! This Soundbox has 4 different tones: braking, honking, starting the engine and accelerating.


The following products come standard with a Soundbox:

  •   BERG Buzzy Beatz    (Sound Box Record & Play)
  •   BERG Buzzy Police    (Sound Box Police)
  •   BERG Reppy Racer
  •   BERG Reppy Roadster
  •   BERG Reppy Rebel
  •   BERG Reppy BMW
  •   BERG Reppy GP
  •   BERG Buddy Cross
  •   BMW Street Racer
  •   BERG Rally APX Blue
  •   BERG Rally APX Red 3 Gears
  •   BERG Rally DRT Green
  •   BERG Rally DRT Yellow 3 Gears
  •   Jeep® Rally Cherokee


Also available as an accessory for the:

  •   BERG Buzzy Aero
  •   BERG Reppy Rider
  •   BERG Buddy B-orange
  •   BERG Buddy Lua
  •   Jeep® Junior Pedal Go-kart
  •   BERG Buddy John Deere
  •   BERG Buddy Fendt
  •   BERG Rally NRG Orange


Note: This accessory only contains the soundbox, the steering wheel is not included.


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