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"Knowing that what you're about to do is going to change what people imagined possible, is the best feeling in the world."

As the title holder of the first Octuple kaboom flip on a trampoline and many other world firsts, we couldn’t wait to ask Ernest to be part of our crew. We are so happy that he joined the BERG Masters of Bounce crew in 2021!


What is the coolest trick you are able to do right now?
The coolest trick I can do right now is definitely an octuple kaboom. Which is 8 flips starting from your back.

Which trick do you want to learn?
A trick I have always struggled with and would love to learn is quint sideflip.

On which trick have you practiced the longest? (how long does it take)
The trick that took me the longest to train for was probably my first 8 flips. It took over 2 months of non stop training to get to the level I needed to be at to complete that trick. I was going out at 10am and tramping until 8pm!

What motivates you?
A hard question. As a lot of flippers will tell you, once you have been jumping for a long time you almost lose sight of what motivates you. This leads some athletes to drop the sport entirely. For me I try to remind myself that I jump every day to try and push myself to break, once thought, limits of this sport.

Is there someone who has inspired you to start jumping?
The biggest inspirations to me when I first started were my friends jumping around me and learning with me. In particular, Connor Davidson who I met at my school and used to come over to my house every weekend to hit the tramp and train with me. As I matured into Freestyle Trampoline a bit more I made friends like Louis Hillier, Tommy Langcake and Tristan Conquest who really pushed me to reach my dreams with the sport.

What feeling does jumping give you?
The feeling cannot be described, it's like no other. Soaring through the air, 10m up, flipping over your head knowing what you're about to do is going to change what people imagined possible. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Which BERG Trampoline do you have and what do you think of it?
I currently don't own a berg trampoline, however I have jumped on all of them ;) My favorite is the Berg Ultim Elite 500 because it gives me the highest bounce. I feel super safe jumping in it even though it’s more of a performance trampoline than the others. Overall a great trampoline for athletes. All I can say is wait until summer 2022 ;)

Why did you choose to collaborate with BERG?
Because I think what Berg is doing for the community is amazing. Sponsoring athletes and giving them a chance to turn what they have a passion for into income is truly the best thing you can do as a trampoline company. All the staff are super polite and inviting into the Berg family!

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