We are BERG.

We let you jump, drive and fly outdoors. We seek the limits of our happiness. Sometimes just clearing your head completely. Being active in the fresh air. Relaxing through exercise. Having fun together or alone.

With a BERG, you'll push your limits. You can do so much more than you think. You want to go faster, higher, better, more fun. Your BERG is always there for you. If you feel good or need to get something out of your system.

You feel confident even when the road is bumpy. You feel at home when you step outside. Your BERG grows with you and never lets you down. Over a whole lifetime.

Welcome to the world of BERG. It's yours now.

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BERG Talents


Safe — You want to enjoy a BERG without worries, that is why we pay great attention to the safety of our products. All materials are of the highest quality. All products are ergonomically designed and thoroughly tested, so you'll enjoy your BERG for years.

Responsible — We are borrowing the world from our children. At BERG we are making our contribution with durable and timeless products that last for generations. If you buy a BERG, you know it is made in a social enterprise with consideration for people and the environment. Many of our go-karts even have the Silver Cradle to Cradle certificate..

Design — The most important thing about a BERG is its functionality. Everything must always work. But it needs to look good too, so our designers work hard every day, to achieve functional and innovative designs, so that your BERG not only functions perfectly, but also looks beautiful and distinctive.

Henk van den Berg


BERG originates on the edge of the large nature reserve 'De Veluwe'. There, the young BERG saw cars and tractors, driving up and down the yard every day. He was fed up with walking and wanted four wheels too. In a shed at the yard, he worked on his dream for months.

One day it was ready. With the wind in his hair and a grin from ear to ear, the young BERG drove through the yard with his home-made go-kart. The children in the village looked at him jealously. They were desperate to change places with him. He noticed that. He noticed: there is a young BERG in everyone and that's why you can buy your own BERG today.

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