Jump up into the air with the Hoppaa, the toddler trampoline. It is never too soon to start exercising. The Hoppaa helps you with your motor skills and finding their balance. Both on the Hoppaa or next to it on the anti-slip stepping stones. Challenging and yet, super safe, because growing up involves trial and error. Would you rather be inside or outside? You can have the Hoppaa ready in no time. So Hoppaa, let's play!

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BERG Hoppaa USP 1

Easy to assemble

The Hoppaa is quick and easy to set up. The bar can be folded up for extra control when jumping.

BERG Hoppaa USP 2

Soft protective edge

The protective edge protects you when climbing and jumping on it. A fall is completely cushioned by the soft material.

BERG Hoppaa USP 3

Elastic springs

The nice jumping mat hangs in supple, elastic springs. So it hardly takes any strength for you to jump and tumble, on your legs or your buttom.

BERG Hoppaa USP 4

Anti-slip stepping stones

You can also practice your balance with the anti-slip stepping stones. Fun to do alone or with your friends. You can easily store the anti-slip stepping stones on the side of the Hoppaa.