You already know pretty well what's available in the market. There is not much more to tell you about trampolines either. So you choose the Elite. A strong trampoline with a whole lot of bounce. This lets you do all the tricks you want. An ideal place for you and your friends. The Elite, with a completely new design, is available as a round, rectangular or oval trampoline.

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Make the highest jumps and coolest tricks as a pro. Your Spotting mat ensures that you can land softly and safely. BERG developed them together with the GRT crew. They fulfil the highest requirements and are easy to use. You can easily take it with you wherever you go and you can also chill out on the largest one.

BERG Spotting mat

AirFlow and AirFlow Pro jumping mat

AirFlow and AirFlow Pro jumping mat

The AirFlow and AirFlow Pro jumping mat are optimally woven so that they allow more air to pass through. A smart innovation, because this means you have less resistance, so you can jump even higher. In addition, the AirFlow Pro fabric has an overlap that rests over the springs. This provides extra safety because it means you are less likely to get caught between the springs. The AirFlow Pro is available as standard on all rectangular (Ultim) and fully buried (FlatGround) Elite trampolines.

TwinSpring springs

TwinSpring springs

If you want more time for your tricks, you'll have to jump higher. The TwinSpring springs help you do just that. By mounting the springs in a smart V-arrangement on the cloth, you have more springs, so more jumping power.

Extra thick and strong UV-resistant protective trampoline edge

Extra thick and strong UV-resistant protective edge

Jumping high is great, but only when it's safe. The extra thick protective edge ensures a soft landing if you do land next to the jumping cloth. The material is also UV resistant.

Super strong trampoline frame

Super strong frame

More jumping power means a greater load on the frame. This frame can handle that with ease, making it extra safe.

Safety Net Deluxe/Safety Net Deluxe safety net

Safety Net deluxe / Safety Net deluxe XL

With the Safety Net Deluxe (XL) you always land safely on the jumping mat. The net is made from tightly stretched net fabric of premium quality, sturdy curved poles with a strong top edge and a self-closing entrance.

Dimensions and shapes trampolines

Dimensions and shapes

Have you already decided what height your trampoline should be? Perhaps you'll opt for a trampoline on legs, that is easy to move. Or would you prefer a largely buried trampoline with a low step? Then the InGround is the trampoline you are looking for. Are you looking for a fully buried trampoline with minimal step? Then the FlatGround is at the right height for you. You also have to make a choice about the dimensions. The Elite is available as a round, oval (Grand) or rectangular (Ultim) trampoline.

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