Less resistance with the patented BERG AirFlow jump mat

Airflow vs. Normal

Jump higher thanks to 50% better air flow

Higher jumps mean more fun. We have developed the AirFlow technique to enable you to make higher jumps. This jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation compared with a standard jumping mat. Good airflow ensures less resistance while jumping, which is why you can make higher jumps.

The AirFlow product innovation is only available on the BERG Champion and BERG Elite lines.

More jumping pleasure with Airflow and Twinspring


TWINSPRING Gold vs. conventional springs



Larger ‘Perfect jump area’

Trampolines comprising of TwinSpring Gold Springs are mounted in the shape of a “V”. This allows for larger perfect jump area compared to trampolines that are sold with a conventional spring. The perfect jump area is that optimal part of the jump mat which results in the best jump experience. Jumping outside of this area results in a sense of feeling as if you are being pushed towards the inner part of the trampoline.

Another advantage? Due to the angled positioning of the TwinSpring Gold, the springs are longer in length without compromising the size of the jump mat. This results in a safer trampoline that optimizes playing pleasure!

View the entire trampoline product line with Airflow and TwinSpring technology

BERG Elite vs Champion